About Caramulo

The Mountain of Caramulo is an elevation of mainland Portugal with an altitude of 1075 meters and is located in the transition region between Beira Alta to Beira Litoral. It is part of the municipality of Tondela, District of Viseu. From the highest point, Caramulinho, you can see the sea and the Serra da Estrela. It is a mountain area of granite and schist origin where several monuments from the megalithic period can be found. Heather and gorse are the species that predominate in its flora.

The Caramulo Villa, once a Sanatorial Resort of unrivaled reputation, offers fresh air, nature, art, gastronomy and leisure! The Great Route of Caramulo, with about 30km or the Route of the Mills, with its centenary mills, in the village of Souto Bom, are examples of the countless walking tours that this mountain has to offer. The pure and crystalline waters of the waterfalls and streams and the river beaches refresh the landscape surrounded by a green mantle.

Distinguished in 2019, for the second time in a row, at the Five Star Regions Awards, in the Mountain & Mountains category, Serra do Caramulo will forever mark those who visit.