Pedestrian Walks

If you are one of those people who can’t go without invigorating hikes, then you’ve arrived at the right place. In Serra do Caramulo you will find several walking routes with different degrees of difficulty. But they all have one thing in common: fresh air, history and stunning scenery. Come and meet them!

Rota dos Moinhos (5,2 km)

Rota dos Moinhos crosses traditional rural and mountain paths, along 5.2 km in circuit. It lasts for about two hours.

Leaving the A25 or coming from Tondela via EM 627, you will cross the EN228 and find access to Caparrosa and Souto Bom. The Souto Bom Villa Reception Center is the starting point of the walk.

The centenary mills, which can be visited by footbridges, water springs, dams and streams or the small pedestrian bridge over Ribeira da Fraga, are some of the examples that you will contemplate along this route.

Rota de Santiago (5,5 km)

Using rural, traditional and mountain paths, this small route with 5.5 km, can be covered in about two hours.

The level of difficulty of this route is low. Passes through the Chapel of St. Marcos, Chapel of Muna, Path of Santiago, Mother Chapel of  Santiago de Besteiros and Bridge of Portela.

Rota dos Laranjais (7,5 km)

This is a small route, using rural, traditional and mountain paths, whose distance is around 7.5 km.

It lasts about three hours and the landscape of Serra do Caramulo is highlighted.

The Main Chapel of Castelões, the Fonte Funda, the Fonte de Chafurdo, windmills and waterfalls, the Chapel of Our Lady of Conceição, The Quinta da Cruz, Chapel of St. António, Cruzeiro de Vila de Rei, Chapel of St. Simão, Cruzeiro de Ribeiro and, of course, the orange groves are among the attractions of this route.

Rota das Cruzes (8 km)

The Rota das Cruzes starts at Jerónimo de Lacerda Park, in Caramulo Villa. The places of passage are: Mother Church of Guardão, Cruzeiro (next to the Mother Church), Caminho dos Cruzeiros, Pelourinho / Casa da Cadeia (Janardo), Chapel of St. Sebastião, Chapel, Cruzeiro and Castro of St. Bartolomeu, Chapel of St. Luzia and Museu do Caramulo.

Rota dos Caleiros (8,2 km)

This small route follows traditional and mountain paths. You will need 4 hours of your time but we guarantee that you will not regret it.

It starts at the highest point, Caramulinho, passes through the Chapel of Jueus, the Moinhos de Água / Caleiros and the fantastic Medieval Sidewalk.

Rota do Linho (8,8 km)

It lasts about four hours and its route passes through rural, traditional and mountain paths.

It starts in the Parque do Santuário do Coração de Maria, in Castelões, passing by the Linho Laboration Center, and the Chapel of Our Lady of Livramento. Let yourself be surprised by the waterfalls and watermills, as well as several fields of linen.

Caldas de Sangemil-Ferreirós do Dão (14 km)

In this route, visit the Termas de Sangemil, the Chapel of Our Lady of  Anunciação, Quinta da Boiça, the Church of St. Cristóvão or the bridge over the River Dão, whose origin dates back to the Roman period.

Grande Rota do Caramulo (30 km)

Departure from the Museu do Caramulo, it includes the Cabeço da Neve variant and lasts about eight and a half hours. The maximum altimetry is around 1003 meters in altitude and the minimum is 223 meters in altitude.