Cabrito do Caramulo, the tradition of a flavor with history

The Confraria Gastronómica do Cabrito and Serra do Caramulo, intends not only to fulfill the objective of defending, honoring and enhancing the dissemination of Cabrito da Serra do Caramulo as Gastronomic heritage, but also to contribute to safeguard the development and diffusion of Serra do Caramulo and of the Municipality of Tondela, in a scenario of touristic valorization. We share with you the famous recipe of this typical dish from our mountains.


Roast lamb in the oven – Serra do Caramulo


1 lamb 3 to 5 Kg (without frills)

6 cloves of garlic

1 bay leaves

1.5 tablespoon paprika

1 bunch of parsley

coarse salt q.s.

0.5 lt. White wine

6 tablespoons of olive oil

2.5 tablespoon of lard


You start by cleaning the lamb, removing the cracks and cutting it into large pieces; they are covered with a porridge made with coarse salt, crushed garlic, paprika, bay leaf, olive oil, and lard.

Put the pieces of the lamb on a black clay baking sheet from Molelos and add the bunch of parsley and a little white wine, it should be seasoned like this overnight.

It is taken to the wood oven very hot and when the lamb is half roasted, it starts to be washed with white wine (from time to time). The lamb must be well toasted.

It is served with roasted potatoes, lamb rice made with lamb’s meat and sautéed sprouts.

Enjoy your food!