With family

If you travel to Caramulo Mountain you will find unique experiences to be lived with family or friends. Walking through Nature or cooling off in the pure and crystal clear waters of waterfalls and river beaches provide unforgettable moments of pleasure and well-being. Remember that some of these places are authentic sanctuaries of Nature. Bring comfortable shoes and a spirit of adventure! Come and explore what our region has for you!

Pedestrian Walks through Caramulo Mountain

Bica da Água d’Alta Waterfal – Pedronhe

It is a medium-sized waterfall that is situated on a very steep slope, forming a small lagoon and continuing its course in a small stream. After parking the car next to the sign with the name of the waterfall, in the village of Pedronhe, you will find a narrow dirt road that takes about 15 minutes to walk. It’s worth the walk!

Advice: bring comfortable shoes and keep your attention on the little ones because the stones are slippery in some areas of the waterfall.


Paraíso River Beach – São João do Monte

The biggest attraction of St. João of Monte is a beautiful river beach, in the center of the parish headquarters, with magnificent lawns and many shadows. A bridge, with a Roman aspect, highlights a beautiful setting in which there are plenty of benches and tables made of good stone for greater bathers’ comfort. It has nautical support and has a toilet. Animals are not allowed.


Teixo River Beach

The river beach of Teixo, located in one of the existing villages in the Caramulo Mountain, is a medium-sized natural lake. This beach is in a valley surrounded by a rocky outcrop and some agricultural land. Its natural beauty is an attraction for nature lovers, as the intervention of the human hand in this place is almost non-existent.

As it is a little explored place, it is advisable to take containers with you to place the garbage. Keeping this and all river beaches clean is the mission of all of us.


Caldas de Sangemil River Beach 

It is in Caldas de Sangemil that you will find the springs that gave rise to and developed the spa, today frequented by many people who seek not only well-being but also the treatment of some diseases. Its river beach is also a place of attraction. It is located on one of the banks of the Dão River and has a large expanse of sand with some trees and shrubs that provide shady places for moments of pure rest.

It has equipment for playing volleyball and football games, a playground, changing rooms, toilets and waste bins.


Ferreirós do Dão River Beach

Beach located on the banks of the Dão River, with a small stretch of sand and a natural pool. In addition, it has an extensive area with grass and shade, and some tables allowing pleasant picnics.


Nandufe River Beach

The Nandufe river beach is located on one of the banks of the Dinha River. This area has small waterfalls forming lagoons.